7 Genuine SEO Techniques

1. Content is King : Every search engine, Google included, looks for only the content. Content is the most important thing to rank high in search engines. Without content, your site is just another site, without much importance. So create good genuine content.

2. Build links : Building links is utmost important just as content. For this, there are several methods. One such method is writing to the related Web masters and letting them know of your site’s existence. If they believe that your site has some content, which is linkable, they will definitely link to your content. Maybe some reciprocal linking is required. In that case, you can negotiate with the web master and ask them about the reciprocal.

3. No one can guarantee number one in search engines : Google is the most important search engine out there, and even Google top employees cannot guarantee your number one position in Google search. It is the result of your hard work and genuine SEO link building that will position you at the top of the search results. Otherwise, you cannot just get to the top of any search engines.

4. Link building yourself is better than consulting : You may promote your blog with genuine SEO, and that will rank your site higher than any SEO firm can do. So, it is extremely important that you do it yourself. Set apart some time in your daily schedule to build links with any niche blogs you know of. Also, ask your friends who have blogs themselves in the same subject to link into your site.

5. Meta Description : Write a short and appropriate Meta Description of 140-160 Characters that will explain your whole page of the article and that will help to grow better in Search Engines Results Page.

6. Headings : Use H1, H2, and H3 in your article. Use your keyword in H2 which will help you in ranking your keyword in Search Engines. This is a proven technique and we do it all the time.

7. Post Length : Always write a post with a minimum of 300 words and recommended are 800 words which will also help you in ranking your site. This only goes to prove that Content
is truly the king 🙂
Social Bookmarking : Always create a Facebook page for your website and also add a Facebook on your blog/website like box in your sidebar or footer. Social Bookmarking on Olx and Justdial websites are also a great idea ! (for Indian websites)