5 Email Flaws Exposed

Keep your marketing email short.

The attention span of the average computer user is extremely short. We have become an impatient nation. We want instant gratification as well as instant information. We do not want to bored with a lot of tediousness. Your mantra as you compose the body of a marketing email should be “Just the facts!” . Each one should be stated as brief as possible and they should be bulleted.

All sentences should be short, simple sentences.

Do not use run-on sentences that present more than one idea. The paragraphs should also be very short. One sentence paragraphs are fine. Two sentence paragraphs are about the maximum.

Avoid the use of all capital letters.

All capital letters are the email equivalent of real world shouting or yelling and nobody likes to be yelled at. Not only is it rude, it is ineffective. You’ve no doubt seen televsion commercials that are made by the owners of the businesses being advertised. You know the ones….’Honest Joe’s Used Car Lot’. Honest Joe seems to think that if he yells loud enough, somebody will believe him.

It is fair to compare marketing email messages that have a lot of sentences that are all capital letters to an ‘Honest Joe’ television commercial. They are equally rude and equally ineffective. The one gets muted and the other gets deleted.

Go easy on the exclamation marks.

One exclamation mark says that the sentence is emphatic. The use of several at the end of a sentence either means the sender hit the key too many times or he is yelling at the recipient. Neither is good.
A single exclamation point is a good thing. It indicates that an important point is being made in the preceding sentence. The use of many exclamation points negates the value of one exclamation point. Many exclamation points do not make the preceding statement more emphatic. They actually make is less emphatic.

Use bullet points.

Bulleted points make it easy for the recipients of your marketing email to pick out important facts. Remember that short attention span? They will look at the bulleted points and then decide whether to read the rest of your message.

Spelling and grammar usage counts!

Check it carefully and remember not to stake your reputation on your spell check program.